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Get a Grasp on the Simple Process of Genetic Testing

Genetic testing has become an important tool that helps elucidate interventions that compliment your plan of care. Although it is not a “fix all” for your problems, we have found that it is quite helpful and important. While utilizing tools like PureGenomics® and 23andMe®, you’ll be able to work with your care provider to determine what supplements are best for you. The good news, once you complete the genetics test once you will not have to do it again as your genome does not change.


Follow the steps to genetic testing below


  1. Purchase Kit: Visit to purchase either an Ancestry ($99) or a Health + Ancestry ($199) saliva kit.
  2. Instructions: Follow the instructions provided with you kit.
  3. Email Confirmation: Once completed, you’ll receive an email from 23andMe® when your results are ready.
  4. Setup PureGenomics®: Contact your care provider to begin the process of setting you up.
  5. Register: Your care provider will send you a PureGenomics® email invitation with a link to register for an account.
  6. Connect 23andMe®: Log into your PureGenomics®  account and select “Connect with 23andMe®”. The information will populate your practitioner’s account to review with you at your next appointment.
  7. Consultation: Schedule a 30 minute genetic consultation to personalize your supplements.
  8. Purchase Supplements: Utilize our online supplement offerings by selecting what’s best for you. We carry brands such as Pure Encapsulations, Douglas Laboratories, Ortho Molecular and more!