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Longevity Medicine

How does one improve his or her healthspan?

Healthspan can be defined as years free of chronic disease and disability. Longevity medicine is a field of medicine designed to improve healthspan (and lifespan) through the strategic use of nutrition and exercise as well as the latest technologies and compounds.

Hypertension, losing strength, gaining weight, rising blood sugar, slowing down and losing function are things we’ve come to accept as normal aspects of aging. We have the power to prevent and reverse this pathology (without the use of pharmaceuticals in a lot of cases).

What does longevity mean to us at Good Medicine? It means optimizing factors in your body and environment in order to reduce the probability of developing poor health. We have imaging, biomarkers and functional tests that aid us in the assessment phase of this process.

In the words of British physicist William Thomson Kelvin, “What is not defined, cannot be measured. What is not measured, cannot be improved. What is not improved, is always degraded.”

All tests are individualized to the patient’s goals and medical concerns. Here are a few examples that we utilize in practice:

  • DEXA and MRI Scans
  • Insulin Sensitivity Panel
  • Advanced Lipid Panel
  • Hormone Panel
  • VO2Max Testing
  • Lactate Threshold Testing
  • Biological Age
  • Medical Genetics Analysis
  • Carotid Ultrasound

Care will be led by Johnathan Puhalla, PA-C, who is a board-certified physician assistant and certified strength and conditioning specialist.

Step One
Start by calling (719) 419-8006. to schedule a complimentary fifteen-minute call and determine which tests are appropriate for your goals.
Step One
Step Two
Schedule Consult
Sign up on our patient portal and request a new patient appointment.
Step Two
Step Three
Once paperwork is received and appointment is scheduled, the labs and imaging orders will be processed. Follow the instructions provided with the lab requisition form.
Step Three
Step Four
Meet for your one-hour appointment to review results and develop a personalized management plan for optimization.
Step Four