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How We Serve Our Patients

At Good Medicine, we start each of our services with a 2-hour initial evaluation to detect the root cause of your issues. We, as Certified Functional Medicine providers, believe in being medical detectives, whether you want to optimize your health, or have a complex situation where you have been everywhere else with no success. We look forward to putting the pieces of your health puzzle together with genetics, labs, lifestyle, supplements and, most importantly common sense, to create a true partnership that finds an actual solution.

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Functional Medicine Consults

With 4 Certified Functional Medicine providers we look to understand the root cause of your issues. Such as autism, auto-immune, chronic fatigue and Lyme or simply optimal health and hormones

Clinical Nutrition

Our nutrition specialist is committed to working with clients to develop personalized nutrition plans that target underlying causes of poor health. By providing science-based nutrition education and actionable lifestyle modifications she will work to alleviate symptoms and help clients live their best lives.

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Good Medicine Labs

At Good Medicine, we offer discounted labs onsite. Talk with our Lab Director about any questions you may have or schedule an appointment.

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Video Conference Telehealth

We offer our patients HIPPA compliant, video conferencing appointments in place of the traditional phone consultations.

Looking for Supplements?

It’s time we make Functional Medicine affordable! Shop online today.

Get Connected with Care

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(719) 419-8002

Hi, I’m Claire! If you are looking to become a new patient I’m here to connect you to the appropriate care physician. I look forward to speaking with you.