Benefits of Berberine

I recently saw an article claiming that berberine is a natural Mounjura or Ozempic.  Of course, berberine is far less expensive, so it would be great if it performed just as well for weight loss, but it doesn’t. However, if we only concentrated on weight loss, it would be oversimplifying Berberine and its benefits.  It has been demonstrated in numerous studies to aid in weight loss through a variety of processes, including by assisting the anti-aging enzyme AMPK, which is unquestionably a plus. It also helps with weight reduction by assisting with fat burning and suppressing appetite.

Additionally, I have observed in clinical settings and in the literature that it lowers cholesterol, improves the balance of the gut microbiota, lowers blood sugars, and helps with mild to moderate weight difficulties.  

Berberine provides many more advantages than the latest weight-loss medications, by being more effective compared to those medications in terms of lowering blood cholesterol,  improving gut health and decreasing aging while also helping with blood sugar and weight issues.

Berberine 1-2 capsules with meals is a good start from companies like Douglas, Xymogen and Thorne.